Three dogs sitting attentively shown in black and white.

Are Dogs Color Blind?

by Pickle J. Sniffington October 28, 2022

One of the mysteries surrounding dogs that often comes up for discussion at Pickle & Polly is whether dogs are color-blind or not. Does your pet see the world around them with the full spectrum of color that we do? Or do they view the world in varying shades of gray?
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An old dog laying on the floor getting brushed by his owner.

How Often Should You Brush Your Dog?

by Pickle J. Sniffington October 21, 2022

How often should you brush your dog? As it turns out, regular dog grooming, no matter the length of the coat, is part of responsible dog ownership. This article will discuss why you should groom your pet, its benefits, and how often you should groom your dog, so they always have a clean, healthy, and shiny coat.
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