by Pickle J. Sniffington May 03, 2022 2 min read

At Pickle & Polly, we're all about the love, safety, and care of our furry friends. That's why we take pride in using the highest quality ingredients and safest materials in our products. To reflect our brand values and mission statement, we've introduced our blog, The Best for Best Friends, to support our customers and their loved ones. With this blog, our goal is to provide our readers with the best information so that they can provide their furry loved ones with a healthy, fun, and fulfilling lifestyle.

In the coming weeks we'll be launching several exciting features on our website and on social media that we've been working on for quite some time. Here's a short preview of what to expect from Pickle & Polly:

Weekly Featured Pet

Each week we'll be selecting one of our followers (the kind with paws) on social media to feature in our blog. Featured fur babies will get the opportunity to tell us about themselves, show off your favorite picture, and showcase their social media profile. 

Social Media Product Giveaways

As we say at Pickle & Polly, we love to give back to our furry friends. Every so often we'll provide our customers with the opportunity to win fabulous prizes! All you have to do is follow us on social media and you'll be eligible... It's that simple.

Furry Pals Program

We created the Furry Pals program to reward our most loyal customers. To join, simply sign-up with a valid email address at the bottom of most pages. Once a member, you'll gain access to the latest puppy news, early access to sample new products, and exclusive discounts for friends and family.

Brand Ambassador Program

We're looking for dogs of all breeds to become a part of our Brand Ambassador program. As a brand ambassador, you'll use the power of social media to introduce our brand message and brand value to pets all over the world.

Pickle & Polly Affiliates

We're putting the finishing touches on our affiliate program and expect to launch any day now. As an affiliate, you'll earn commissions on products that you sell through your website or social media.