by Pickle J. Sniffington September 16, 2022 3 min read

Pickle & Polly is all about making your dog's life more comfortable and enjoyable, but does that include getting your dog a sibling? 

Should you get a second dog, and what kind should you get? Is your current dog likely to accept a new member into their pack? Keep reading to learn more about what you should consider before getting a second dog.

Everyone Should Be in Agreement

A second dog is a big commitment for the entire family. Problems will multiply if not everyone is ready for the new pet. A second dog will leave more hair around the house, create more mess to clean up, and double the food bill. Then there's the extra time for grooming, bathing, exercising, and nail clipping. If you're not keen on any of those things, then a second dog might not be the best idea for the family.

A Second Dog Won't Solve Your Current Dog's Behavioral Issues

You may think your current dog needs a friend because of their separation anxiety, aggression, hole digging, or excessive barking. However, a second dog may not solve your pet's current behavioral issues. Unfortunately, they are likely to worsen the situation because the distressed dog could pass on their mental challenges to the new companion.

Consider How Your Dog Will React

How does your current pet take to strange dogs? Are they welcoming and friendly, or do they get aggressive and territorial? It's still possible to get a second dog if your heart is set, but you should get help from a professional dog trainer or pet behaviorist to ensure your current dog will behave appropriately.

Is Your Current Dog Fully Trained?

Bringing a second dog into a home where there is already an untrained dog will be challenging. Two badly behaved dogs will be mentally and physically taxing, especially if they are large breeds. Consider training your current pet before adding to your burdens. A well-trained dog will help you with the new one because they will learn by example.

Two Labradoodle siblings on a street wearing sunglasses.

A Second Dog is Not a Substitute for Spending Time With Your Pet

Many dog owners consider a second dog because they've suddenly got less time to spend with their current animal. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for spending quality time with a pet that craves attention from the pack leader.

Adding a second animal to the mix will mean you have even less time for the original furry resident. If you can’t spend enough time with your dog, consider other arrangements like a pet sitter.

When You Should Get Another Dog

Getting another dog is a big decision, and we are all for it, providing you have thought in detail about what it means for your entire household. Despite the apparent challenges, getting another dog when conditions are right is a good idea. Even though a new dog is no substitute for human company, most dogs will enjoy having a best friend to play with.

If you have an older dog whose time is short and you can't bear the thought of living without a four-legged companion, a second dog can help fill the void when it's time to say goodbye.

So, if you have thought about all the challenges and have the money, time, and space to add a new dog to your home - we say, the more Furry Pals the merrier!